Recovery in a class of its own. 



Our mission is to supply an easy-to-access and all-organic powder to prioritize not only a sufficient but healthy recovery.  

We are a team of four students from the Lake Forest High School business incubator program.  We were tasked with creating and developing a business throughout the school year.  

Each actively involved in sports, we understand the scarcity of beneficial yet healthy products in the wellness field. Many companies promote "recovery" products after physical activity, but fail to recognize the health aspect of their ingredients. 

Our recovery powder solely includes completely organic ingredients sourced from a nearby farm.  

Life matters like taste matters.

Sourced from a local Farm in Illinois, Tasty Recovery powders are solely dried fruit with no additives or preservatives.  


Better ingredients, better for you.

Drum and freeze-dried powder benefits 

Drum-dried powder ingredients keep the majority of their original flavor, color, and most importantly the nutritional value of the original ingredient.

Vita Cherry
  •  Flavonoids- a group of plant substances known to provide amazing health benefits through the effects of antioxidants.

  •  Anti-inflammatory agents - increase the recovery process tremendously​

  • Help endurance during workouts

  • Beets are found to improve performance increasing oxygen use by up to 20%

  • Enhance hydration levels

  •  Provide an energy boost

  • Amino acids - can diminish muscle soreness after participating in physical activity

  • Improved appearance of skin

  • Adds a much-needed source of Vitamin C to your daily diet


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