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About Tasty Recovery

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Cole Graham, COO
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Maeve Bradley, CMO


Jack Griffin, CFO

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Kareem Alsikafi, Product Manager

We are a team of four students from the Lake Forest High School business incubator program.  During the 2021-22 school year we were tasked with starting a business.  

Each actively involved in sports, we understand the scarcity of beneficial yet healthy products in the wellness field. Many companies promote "recovery" products after physical activity, but fail to recognize the health aspect of their ingredients. 

Last year, our team was selected to compete in the foundations Pitch Night against four other groups. Our product & presentation won $2,250 to continue our business the next year. 


Now seniors in the Business Accelerator Program, we are creating and developing Tasty Recovery in order to sell our packets off our website and in local health & fitness centers. 

We hope to make the future of the wellness and athletic field healthier, and look forward to helping you recover.


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