Our mission is to supply an easy-to-access and all-organic powder to prioritize not only a sufficient but healthy recovery.  

Cole Graham
Cole Graham, COO
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Maeve Bradley, CMO


Jack Griffin, CFO

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Kareem Alsikafi, Product Manager

We are a team of four students from the Lake Forest High School business incubator program.  We were tasked with creating and developing a business throughout the school year.  

Each actively involved in sports, we understand the scarcity of beneficial yet healthy products in the wellness field. Many companies promote "recovery" products after physical activity, but fail to recognize the health aspect of their ingredients. 

Our recovery powder solely includes completely organic ingredients sourced from a nearby farm.   

A convenient and easy to access product, Tasty Recovery is packaged simply for on-the-go purposes. 

We hope to make the future of the wellness and athletic field healthier.


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